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Great Web site! My father was born in Phila. PA. in 1890. His father was Henry Mulhern and his mother was Mary Dowd. My father moved west (Wichita, Kansas) in 1919. I know ever little about my grandparent since I never remember meeting them since Penn. was a long way from Kansas in the 1930's. I would love to find out more about the Mulherns of Phila. I might add I am 77 yrs old and the last of my family left on this earth. Thanks again for the web site. Bill Mulhern
William Riley Mulhern <>
Corning, CA USA - Thu Dec 9 20:15:28 2004
My great great Grandfather William Mulherin came from Derry in late 1860's became citizen of Phila,Pa in 1869. Blended whiskey in N. philly w/sons til prohibition.(the building still stands at Front & Master streets)Still lots of us in Phila. Nice to read about so many Mulherins! Slainte!
Andrew Jos.Mulherin IV <>
Philadelphia, pa USA - Mon Dec 6 12:23:20 2004
My family tree goes for years back. My father originated at Gosford. And his fathers name is William John Mulherin but he has passed on. if anyone who is related to my grandfather, please send me and e-mail at the supplied address. Danielle Mulherin
Danielle Elizabeth Mulherin <>
Canberra, ACT Australia - Sun Dec 5 17:36:52 2004
What a great site you have made.I think it is wonderful.You must be very proud of the work and research you have done.My German side has been great thanks to other researchers.(Johannsmeyer) family. My Irish side is a brick wall.Looking for my Grandfather Michael O'Donnell b.1865 Ireland,Married Mary E. Griffin b.1874 in Plymouth,Pa.I hope to find him before I die.searching for McGowen,McGuiness,Griffin,Boyle,O'Donnell,Harkins.Wish me luck, God bless and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Rosemary
Rosemary O'Donnell Iba <>
Elsmere, De. USA - Sat Dec 4 11:54:06 2004
Amazing site and number of Mulherins whatever spelling. Mine are from County Mayo, Peter MULHEARN, born abt 1845 Mayo,wife Catherine Moran numerous children all born in Perth, Scotland, Mary, Patrick, Bridget, Sabina, Peter, Michael, Maggie, Catherine, Annie. One day I hope I will link up with his Irish family.
Kathleen nee Mulherron <>
near Dundee, Scotland - Fri Dec 3 5:59:10 2004
HI to all Mulherins. Spent some time in Londonderry a couple of years ago visiting the homesite of Patrick and Bridget Mulherin prior to their immigration to Grand Falls, NB. Last summer we (sisters and I) visited Grand Falls and saw the gravestones of earlier Mulherins. We also visited relatives and Enishowen-named after the Innishowen Penninsula in Ireland. What a creepy feeling. Would highly recommend that any relatives of Patrick and Bridget do the same Judith Mulherin Goss
Judith Mulherin Goss <>
Center Conway, NH USA - Sat Nov 27 15:53:00 2004
Hi Joe I was looking for something and came across your site.Great job I guess my mother had a lot of relatives.I hope all is well with you. Fran told me about this but I am so busy with work.There is never enough time. Maureen
Maureen Klinges Hudack <>
Bear Creek, Pa USA - Thu Nov 18 9:32:50 2004
Do you have any information on Mary Haggerty married to Francis Craig. They lived in Pittston PA? Their son Joseph Craig was baptized at St. John the Evangelist in Pittston. Sponsors were Patrick and Julia Haggerty. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Kim <>
Tavares, FL USA - Mon Nov 8 18:17:43 2004
Still looking for my great grandmother, Mary Mulherin from Wilkes-Barre, who married Edward McGourty from Northampton St. in W-B and moved to Johnstown, PA. Please see my guestbook entry dated August 22, 2004. Attention, Mary Priola, I wonder if our families are connected-- you mentioned Northampton Street and the dates seem right-- please update your email address or contact me. Rosemary Nilles
Rosemary Nilles <>
USA - Tue Oct 26 19:43:37 2004
I have just received this information from the Gortahork, Donegal parish registers and was excited to find your Mulherin web-site. Neal McGee was my grandfather and James was his brother. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1899, married in Pueblo, CO. in 1904, moved to Alberta, Canada about 1906, homesteaded at Islay, Alberta in 1908 and died in 1952. I never met him. I would be interested in any information on Hugh or Giles Mulherin. Neal McGee born 29 Oct 1873, son of John McGee and (not given), Ashandean, baptised 29 Oct 1873, sponsors Hugh Mulherin & (none given) James McGee born 20 Apr 1876, son of John McGee and Catherine McCue, Meenderry, bap 23 Apr 1876, sponsors Hugh Mulherin & Giles Mulherin
Maureen McGee <>
USA - Mon Oct 25 22:46:51 2004
A Chara , living in cork city from the north,family in Derry,Belfast,Newry and Warrenpoint.Great site,best wishes to all the Mulherns,what ever the spelling. Is mise Ie meas,
vincent patrick mulhern <>
cork, cork IRELAND - Sat Oct 23 14:59:52 2004
Glad to add our family names and addresses to the bunch, my grandfathers name was James, my fathers name was George, his brothers were James Jr. and Francis. My brother is George Jr and sister is Carol Ann. We were Born in Philadelphia. Pa., Do not recognize any of the families in the sites as direct relatives but would be interested in any inquires as to our background. We were always informed our heritage was scotch-irish but could not find any direct relatives anywhere.
Charles Framcis Mulherin <>
Princess Anne, MD USA - Sat Oct 23 8:06:45 2004
hi, i did a picture name search and was shocked at how much john mulhern looks like an older version of myself! ther must be a connection.
john mulhern <>
london, uk - Mon Oct 18 12:18:11 2004
I have already signed your book,but wanted to update my email address. I am still looking for Mary Ann Mulhearn b.Dec 1853 in Ireland.I believe her mother name was Ellen ??She had two brother's that I know of. William abt 1855 and Peter abt 1851 both in Ireland. Mary Ann married John Guthry in Lawrence Co, Oh in 1879. She died Wellston, Jackson Co, Ohio in 1907 and is buried at the Catholic Cemetery in Wellston.Any help would be appreciated. and love this site. Thought my great grandmother was the only Mulhearn.
WELLSTON, OHIO USA - Mon Sep 27 15:11:08 2004
Great to see a site for the Mulherin's! I am a Mulherin on my father's side who are all in Iowa. Will check back to read about other Mulherin's around the country! - Megan Mulherin
Megan Mulherin
Chicago, IL USA - Thu Sep 23 14:49:16 2004
I am a Old Wilkes-Barrean from PA, Super Great Site you have My Grandmother was a Mulroy (father Thomas) (Mother Katherine Mulhern) of Pittston,Browntown area of PA, Have you any info on these families, both came from Ireland
Bernie Meehan <>
Davie, FL USA - Tue Sep 14 1:31:44 2004
Nice site. No Mulherns in my family, but there are Laffie, Clishem, Devers, Grogan, Clishem, from Browntown, Pittston, Pa, and McHale, Noonan Cooke, Keefe, from Avoca & Pittston. Keep looking up.
Tom Heston <>
Alexandria, , LA USA - Mon Sep 13 18:02:33 2004
Great site, lots of info. Haven't found aything yet for my grandson's paternal side, but still looking. His father is Eamonn Horahan, born Londonderry, Ireland to Stephen Patrick Horahan and Margaret Gallagher. Stephen was from Philadelphia and Margaret from Glasgow, Scotland. All I know of Margaret (07/31/1938 - 11/17/2002) is her mother's name was Mary McGarvey (unknown spelling)and her sister's name is Veronica. Not a lot to go on. Hope this rings a bell with someone.
AnneMarie George <>
Tampa, fl USA - Sun Sep 12 13:11:00 2004
Excellent site, you should be very proud. I am looking for those elusive Ruddy families
Terry Ruddy <>
Sherwood Park, AB Canada - Thu Aug 26 6:51:59 2004
My father was Leo, my uncles were Bill, Thomas, James, William, and Vincent. My aunts were Alice (now Quinlan) and Eileen (now Alley). We came down through Maine into Cambridge MA then Needham and environs. I more than interested to know the county and seat of our origin.
Tim Mulherin <>
Hudson, MA USA - Tue Aug 24 20:06:30 2004
Wonderful and informative website!! Perhaps someone knows of my great-grandmother, Mary Mulherin, whose parents were from Ireland. She was probably born around the 1880s. She married Edward McGourty, of North Hampton St. in Wilkes Barre, PA. The family moved to Johnstown, PA, and then to McKeesport, PA (worked in the steel mills); their six children remained in McKeesport. Mary Mulherin's daughter, Mary McGourty McCusker, was my grandmother. Any information appreciated! Thank you and it's great to know how many Mulherins there are! Rosemary Nilles
Rosemary (McCusker) Nilles <>
Allison Park, PA USA - Sun Aug 22 20:11:56 2004
I was born in Bangor, ME and many of my Mulherins came from Donegal to St. Thomas, New Brunswick. Check out my site - see if we are related! Great site - always is with a Mulherin at the helm!
Paula Mulherin <>
Plainville, CT USA - Sat Aug 21 7:33:48 2004
Great Website....My family That I'm aware of.... are living in Maine....Would love to somehow connect with relatives....I went to Ireland a few years ago and looked up "OUR" name in the Dublin phone book....There are more than a few....Again this is a nice website....
Michael Mulherin <>
Gorham, Me USA - Mon Aug 16 11:09:18 2004
Not only was I surprised to find so many Mulherins I was really surprised to see another Mollie Mulherin! cool Web site!
Mollie Mulherin- McKinley <>
Buxton, ME USA - Mon Aug 16 9:49:07 2004
I signed the book earlier and i just wanted to add some info. My dad (who is a mulherin) told me that one of the Mulherin Trates are that we like to argue. I think that is true because i love to argue with my niece. But if any one needs a lawyer after I finish middle school, high school and college I will proudly help any one that I related to. I am extremely proud to be a Mulherin !!!!!!!!! DON'T forget me "Kali sue Mulherin"
Kali Mulherin <>
Anchorage, AK USA - Sun Aug 1 19:14:38 2004
this website helped me learn about my family!!!!!!!
Kali Mulherin <kalisuesue2003>
Anorchorage, AK USA - Sun Aug 1 13:07:34 2004
,boy the Mulherin family has spead all over the world,I am from the Tenterfield Mulherins my Father was Albert Edward Mulherin ,his Father was William John Mulherin and his brother was Daniel Mulherin it is believed thier father came from Donegal and they arrived in Australia around 1880-1on either on the Ship Peterborough,Clyde or Samuel Plimsoll ...there a number of Mulherin,s in a town called Casino some 60 miles from my home town who must be relations [great site I am glade i visited your site]keep up the good work i would like to here from any Mulherin,s out there Kind regards {Tony Mulherin]
Michael Anthony MULHERIN <>
Woolgoolga, N S W Australia - Sun Aug 1 5:48:22 2004
Great site! I noticed a lot of hookups with Wilkes-Barre. My dad was from W-B, still has relations there, the McLaughlins. Anybody know anything about a killer tornado in W-B back on the late 1800's that killed several people, including some McGinley's. Thanks!
Mick McGinley <>
Phila, a USA - Thu Jul 22 8:52:48 2004
Great site, typed my name in Google and found your site.
Tom Mulheron <>
Canandaigua, NY USA - Mon Jul 5 17:50:57 2004
Very interesting web site. I will be back!
Shaunn Mulhern <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thu Jul 1 4:01:11 2004
What a great site! My great, great grandparents were Dennis and Elizabeth Mulherin who left Co. Donegal, Ireland in the 1840s during the potato famine and eventually settled in the Holbrook, Iowa area. There are many decendants now, all over the US. Thank you for providing this site, and Lord bless!
Dennis Mulherin <>
Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Tue Jun 22 4:49:37 2004
One of my best friends is Anna Brigid Pursley, her grandmother is Loise Mulherin, and I just wanted to say that yall rock 100%!!!!!
Liz Pruett <>
Sneads Ferry , nc USA - Mon Jun 21 16:12:10 2004
Just browsing the internet and stumbled across your site. It is very interesting to know that there are so many people out there perhaps all linked by their Irish heritage.
Paul Mulhearn <>
Co.Durham, England/UK - Sun Jun 13 3:02:34 2004
Yes, another Mulherin intresting reading
Nikki Mulherin <>
Newcastle, N.S.W Austraila - Sat Jun 5 18:18:11 2004
I married into the Southern Mulherin clan in '73. God smiled on me by bringing the lovely, beautiful, red-haired Julia "Julie" Mulherin into my life. You Mulherins sure have good genes for beauty in the women, but skinny legs in the men. Yesterday, here in Augusta, the 12th. Annual Mulherin Family Golf Tournament was held. The 2004 Championship team captain, Eddie Mulherin along with Richard Mulherin lead the team to victory with the winning score of 13 under par. Christopher D.Brown(my son), G.Worth Andrews,IV and the strong game of Sean Duncan all contributing to the victory. All Mulherins are welcome to play, but bring your real handicap, no ringers please.
Kenneth D. Brown <>
Augusta, GA USA - Sun May 30 5:35:20 2004
hello to all the mulherin family-god bless.nice site
michael mulherin
savannah, ga USA - Thu May 13 23:27:58 2004
wow it's funny how many people butcher our name. It's so easy to say, anyway i can't belive this site it's awsome. mulherin's are the best... ladies GIVE US A CALL!!!
jeffrey mulherin <>
bensalem, pa USA - Tue May 11 19:50:33 2004
What are the several variations of the name MULHERIN?
Matthew Mulherin <>
Inwood, NY USA - Sun May 2 6:07:33 2004
Hey ... wow, there are quite a few Mulherin's out there. Im from the Australian Mulherins, dont bother asking which one haha, apparently we're all related.
Amanda Mulherin <>
QLD Australia - Mon Apr 12 20:32:03 2004
jerry w. mulherin <>
des arc, ar USA - Sat Apr 10 23:01:15 2004
Mulherin's rule! Rock on. Wahoo.
Elizabeth Diane Mulherin
USA - Sat Apr 10 16:04:24 2004
Mulherin's rule! Rock on. Wahoo. We are the grandchildren of Thomas and Jean Mulherin of PA. Rock on. Peace out.
Steven Mulherin
USA - Sat Apr 10 16:03:30 2004
Mulherin's rule! Rock on. Wahoo.
James Joseph Mulherin Jr.
USA - Sat Apr 10 16:01:55 2004
Mulherin's rule! Rock on. Wahoo.
Holly Mulherin
USA - Sat Apr 10 16:00:44 2004
I am a Mulheirn and my family grandfather, William James Mulherin Jr., lived in the Tacony section of Philadelphia. He was a hatmaker, but died young. He was married to Teresa Remmers. We are Scotch Irish, also have some Royal Stewart blood and Mackenzie and are entitled to wear the tartans of both.Does anyone have lines to our family going back to Ireland and Scotland?
Jill Cobb (Nee- Mulherin) <>
Elizaville, NY USA - Fri Apr 9 8:34:42 2004
I wonder if anyone who contiributed emails to this site might know of any of my Mulherin family. My great grandfather was Daniel Mulherin, he and Mary McC/Glinchy married in Hazelton, Pa. in 1870. Daniel had immigrated to the U.S. in 1856 and Mary in 1849. They had 12 children, 11 of whom were alive at the time of the 1900 U.S. Census. My grandfather was Frank Mulherin, their third child, who was born ca. 1864. The family eventually moved from Hazelton to Wilkes Barre, Luzerne County, PA. and were living at 170 Empire St.according to the 1880 U.S. Census. I have retrieved many "Mulherins" from various censuses and ship lists, but am only certain that Frank is my grandfather. I do think however he had a brother Dennis who was about three years younger and is listed on the 1880 census as living at 172 Empire St. Thomas Mulheron appears in the 1860 U.S. Census, living with his family in Clinton Twp. He had a son named Green (aka as Green F. and Francis on later documents). Some of Thomas'family members seem to have migrated to Wilkes Barre in the late 1800's. Green appears in several censuses as being married to Sarah and they lived at 134 Grant St. according to the 1910 U.S. Census for Wilkes Barre City, Pa. He was a watchman, and later a policeman according to the City Directories of that time. Green also had a brother, Sylvester, who was born ca. 1857 and may be the same person who is living at A,Northampton n. Empire in the City Directory of 1889 and 1890, and is listed as a brakeman . Since these names are somewhat unusual, I am hoping someone reading this will recognize them. My mother, Ethel Agnes was born at 99 Northampton St., Empire. Although the spelling of the name Mulherin differs from time to time, I believe it is possible that Thomas, Daniel, Dennis and possibly others may be related. They seem to have all lived near each other on Norhtampton St., Grant St. Hazle, N. Meade, N. Franklin etc. in the late 1880's and early 1900's. I still have relatives living on Northampton St. in Wilkes Barre and would be happy to exchange information with anyone who is interested. Thank you. Mary P.
Mary Priola <>
USA - Tue Mar 30 18:51:25 2004
Joe, I just love your web site. You've done a great job! I know how hard you have worked on it and the site certainly shows your devotion to the job. Thank you so much.
Iva Hanlon <>
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Sun Mar 28 13:59:54 2004
SAN JOSE, CA. USA - Thu Mar 25 20:16:20 2004
This is for Eileen Mulhern Mulry. Eileen, you and I have met before; I am Jule Mulhern Hughes' daughter. If you read this and if you have access to a computer, PLEASE E-mail me. I would love to talk to mother is still living and I'd like to tell you about her. Love, Iva
Iva Hanlon <>
Wilkes-Barre, PA USA - Wed Mar 10 9:10:27 2004
i'm a mulherin. i thought i was the only one!
sasha mulherin
des arc, AR USA - Tue Mar 9 12:43:30 2004
I am the daughter of Peter Mulhern and niece of Andrew,Thomas,Agnes,Mary and Ella from Wilkes Barre,Pa. I was so surprised and grateful to Joe for his work on the family history. I recognize many of the people in the pictures, particularly the above mentioned and my cousin Sadie and Andy's wife Estelle. I also met Malachi McCloskey son of Patricia Mulhern in Scotland. He is from Donegal, Ireland and a 4th cousin of mine. It's a big and grand old family - so glad to be part of it. Eileen
Eileen Mulhern Mulry
Lady Lake, Fl USA - Tue Mar 9 9:38:00 2004
Hello! This is a cool website! My Grandad and Grandma were called Patrick and Bridget Mulherin! My Grandad is from Ballina in County Mayo in Ireland. Please email me if you think you are related to me!
Mary Mulherin <>
Leeds, UK - Fri Mar 5 5:35:14 2004
I would like to get all the info I could on Andrew John Mulherin's parents
Matthew Lewis Mulherin <>
Inwood, NY USA - Wed Feb 11 10:21:46 2004
Hello. Great website. I am looking for info on my ancestors-- Anna Mulherin and son Edward Mulherin who lived in Glen Lyon PA. They are buried at St.Francis Cemetery in Nanticoke PA. Any info would be wonderful. Thanks
Larry Oney <>
Norwich, NY USA - Sat Feb 7 14:16:53 2004
Hello. I am in no way related although I do remember a Dean Moncrieff who lived next door to my grandparents, Stanley and Winona Dewar in Kilmar, Quebec. And their son worked at PPG in Hawkesbury for quite some time if I remember. He had 3 children, a boy Butch and two girls. They would all be around the 40 year old range. I am sending this to my mother as she may remember some of the history behind this family. Good Luck with your Website
Carmen Molnar <>
Glencairn, ON Canada - Fri Jan 30 11:19:23 2004
Joe--You & I have the same great-grandparents! My grandfather Thomas Mulhern was your uncle. I didn't know Iva had all those old pictures. I had never seen Aunt Ella as a young woman. How eerie and wonderful to see her face! Iva (she's my first cousin)sent me a lot of photos of my Dad, but like I said I had never seen the other photos except for the family one--I have a copy of that. Thanks for putting the web site together, it looks great! Regards-- Ronnie--Margaret Veronica Agnes Mulhern Offen!
Ronnie Offen <>
Marietta, GA USA - Fri Jan 23 9:54:16 2004
Great site. Proud to be a Mulherin! Glad to know that there are more people out there that constantly have to spell their name for everybody.
Harbert Mulherin III <>
Dallas, TX USA - Wed Jan 21 20:18:03 2004
Great site! I would love to see more of the southern Mulherins information posted. I do not have it, but do know that a lot of hard work has gone into it and that it does exist. This way, visitors could respond to those Mulherins. Photos, names, counties etc.. I believe our research began with a Thaddeus Mulherin that came to the US from county Mayo. From there it just mushrooms!!
Ashlyn Mulherin Hutto <>
Augusta, Ga USA - Mon Jan 12 10:43:27 2004
Am wondering if any relatives are from the Lancaster/Jefferson, New Hampshire area? I have a niece who is researcing our family history. My family is originally from NH and theirs came from New Brunswick, Cananda and Ireland before that, I believe.
Margaret Elizabeth Mulherin Marston <>
Leeds, ME USA - Thu Jan 1 16:11:36 2004
For recent photos of the southern Mulherin family go to our reunion golf tournament site We hold an annual golf tournament and all are invited.
Edward Mulherin <>
Lawrenceville, GA USA - Tue Dec 23 12:59:40 2003
Awesome site! My grandfather (William E. Mulherin) came from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area, and moved to Newark, NJ during the depression. If anybody has any info on his relations in PA....or is looking to "fill in the gaps", please email me! Thanks!
Bill Mulherin <>
Omaha, NE USA - Mon Dec 22 12:48:21 2003
I did't know there were so Mulhern's out there! My father (Daniel A. Mulhern) was born in Breenaugh, Co. Donegal, IRE in 1927....just 8.5 miles west of Letterkenny.....If there is any Mulhern's out there related, drop me a line....I have family info going back several generations. Mike
Michael F. Mulhern <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA - Tue Dec 2 14:23:49 2003
I just got done with a family tree project for school. Too bad I hadn't found this sooner. Oh well, I am glad to have found it now. I don't know if old visitors read these messages but if they do Sean Mulherin mentioned something about having relatives in Atkinson well I live about a half an hour or less away from atkinson, that's cool you never know who you might run into on-line. good site, thanks
Michelle Mulherin <>
Milo, ME USA - Sat Nov 1 12:04:23 2003
i would like to know more of my family please sent me some informaion
peter mulherin <>
olean, ny USA - Thu Oct 30 8:55:53 2003
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Thu Oct 23 8:15:37 2003
I'm researching my husband's line of "Mehm" ancestors from Germany. His great-grandparents were Valentine and Rose Marie Mehm who lived in Greenville, PA. Valentine's mother was Benedicta Mehm, and they all immigrated to the U.S. from Germany in the 1880's. If you know any information about them at all, please contact me.
Julia Parker <>
Altamonte Springs, FL USA - Mon Oct 13 17:54:21 2003
Found your site, My great grandmother was Mary Ann Mulhern who married John Guthrie in Scioto, Ohio. Been trying to find my Mulhern Family, but no luck. Hope someone will read this and let me know more about my family Thank You
Nancy Downard <>
WELLSTON, OHIO USA - Wed Oct 8 19:05:41 2003
Hello! My grandmother is Mary Mulherin who grew up in Lafayette, IN. Nice to see this Mulherin website.
Molly Mulherin Crowe <>
Canton, NY USA - Thu Sep 25 9:40:41 2003
It is interesting to find so many Mulherns in the same area and also farther away. My GF was Tom Mulhern from Browntown, PA and my father is Tom A Mulhern from the same. Many of my relatives still reside in the area. Keep up the great work.
Meave Mulhern Morris <>
Berwick, PA USA - Fri Sep 5 7:36:41 2003
wow, finding more mulherin's is a wierd experience. been told i still have family in county mayo. spelling wrong. if that rings a bell to n e one. father tim mulherin, grandfather tom mulherin
matt mulherin <>
indy, in USA - Wed Sep 3 23:29:28 2003
My mother was born Mildred Bernice Mulhern in 1905 in Huntington, Quebec. Her father was a train man who was killed between 1908-1915. My mother was adopted sometime after his death by William Gauley who lived in Rawcliffe, Quebec. She married William Dean Moncrieff in 1934-5. They lived in Kilmar, Quebec and had three children, Marvin Florence and Kenneth. If anyone has any information about my mom's relatives, I would very much like to hear from you. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone!
Florence Ada May Moncrieff <>
Montreal, Canada - Sun Aug 10 17:36:00 2003
I am the great great granddaughter of Thomas Mulherin and Mary Caden. John Mulhern was a witness to my great great grandparents marriage. They are from Crossmolina, County Mayo and were wed on January 7, 1857. I was pleased to find your site and will pass on to my dad, Cornelius (Connie) who does much of the geneology research. Thank you.
Kathleen Mulherin Scott
Harrisburg, PA USA - Sat Aug 9 18:21:22 2003
There are many Mulherins In Augusta Ga please email me i Want to learn more About the website
Anna Brigid Pursley Mulherin <>
Augusta, Ga USA - Wed Aug 6 16:35:19 2003
I am trying to find my good friend David scott Mulherin' e-mail. I met him in the Dominican Republic and he is originally from Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. I would appreciate the help as I believe he must be of your clan.
tim davis <>
USA - Tue Jul 29 18:49:13 2003
interesting,never visited this site before. will do again soon.
brendan mulherin <>
goldcoast, qld aust - Wed Jul 23 3:01:38 2003
My e-mail address wasn't here it is again. MaryPat
MaryPat Palmer-Nepon (nee Mulhern) < >
Niagara Falls , On Canada - Mon Jul 14 14:55:06 2003
Your site looks wonderful, I'll be reading all of it in time. SO wonderful to see all the Mulherns you've found already. Best of Luck with all your queries
MaryPat Palmer-Nepon (nee Mulhern) <mptara>
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - Mon Jul 14 14:52:56 2003
Great site! My husband Jack & I are both from W-B graduated from G.A.R. My sister Karen is an officer of the N.E Penna Genealogy organization & enjoys it so very much. Her name is Karen Branigan Walizer you may remember her from G.A. R. & Parrish St. W-B
Joyce Branigan Krull <>
Snellville, Ga. USA - Sat Jul 12 7:08:43 2003
Still trying to find out who I am and were I came from
Doyle W. Mulherin <>
Winslow, ar USA - Sun Jun 22 18:10:32 2003
I am looking for any connections to my GGgrandfather Luke Devlin born May 18, 1827 in Lurgan County.He is the son of James Devlin and Mary Collins. I've been told he left Ireland with his brothers to find work in Dundee, Scotland.
Tricia Cook-Bosnell <>
Ontario Canada - Wed Jun 11 21:34:17 2003
I am the Great Great Grandaughter of Luke Devlin from Lurgan,Armagh County, Ireland.He was my father's Great Grandfather.You've got a great site here.
Tricia Cook-Bosnell <>
Ontario Canada - Mon Jun 9 18:27:46 2003
I grew up in Pa. My grandfather John was supposedly from the Pittsburgh area. he had 2 brothers edward and anthony. He also had a sister who later became a nun (ssj) her name was believed to be sister James. John's father is to the best of my knowledge buried in Bristol, RI. his name I think, was either was probably edward or anthony
John McGarvey <>
trumbull,, ct USA -
I am looking for more info on Mulherin/Mulhern ancestry in the East Coast area of Canada. Thank you for your current work.
Christopher Mulhern <>
ON Canada -
Looking for information on Alexander Mulhearn who was born about 1880 and lived near Freeland,PA.
Norm Drasher <>
Aspers, Pa USA -
This is my first visit to your website. Glad to find it and am searching for any clues to help in my search for my grandmother Mary E Mulherrin b 1847 or 1849 in missouri and lived in pike co ill after marriage to John James Miller in 1869. Have found census record for Charles and Malinda Mulherin (pike co missouri 1860) with children Susan A.F. 16, Mary E. 9, and william D. 8. If anyone has any info on this family would appreciate help. Thanks Dorothy
Dorothy <>

I was trying to find some information on my family when i stumbled onto this site. My father is Mark mulherin, his father was Alvin Mulherin, and his father was David mulherin. I believe they 'originated' in the Atkinson, ME area. Any info, no matter how irrelevant, would be appreciated.
sean mulherin <>
skowhegan, me USA -

hey i am a mulherin i am 12 years old. frank x. mulherin is my grandfather. he was a great man . even though i never got to meet him i have heard alot about him. he was one of the best golfers of all time down here in agusta. i love being a mulherin. bye
Amy Leigh Mulherin
martinez, GA USA - Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 13:21:19 (PST)

check out these mugs! one thing about the augusta mulherins, though- they CAN play golf. i am going to do my best to get up there this year in may. as a matter of fact, ANY mulherin will be welcome to play!
charles stephen mulherin jr <>
clermont, fl USA - Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 14:50:50 (PST)

my family hails from augusta,ga. i moved to central fla 25 years ago, but still have lots of family in the augusta area.
charles stephen mulherin jr <>
clermont, fl USA - Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 14:46:15 (PST)

This is the first 'Mulhern' site i've seen. Thanks so much! My ancestor John Mulhern (1836 - 1910) came from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone to Hawrich Twp., Kent Co. Ontario. I cannot find a connection in Ireland. His father was John and his mother Margaret Brennan. Maybe it was not Dungannon but some place with the same sound.... I really think he was from the Donnegal area. If anyone has a connection similar to this, let me know. Thanks, Jim.
Jim Mulhern <>
Goderich, ON Canada - Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 11:36:12 (PST)

In your research, have you run across any other Sarah Ruddys'? I am seeking information about my ggm Sarah Ruddy. She married Peter Flynn. (died 1908 - mining accident) Sarah died in 6/4/1929 and at the time was survived by her sisters: Helen Ruddy (Kingston) and Mrs. Victor Klein (Kingston) Preceeding Sarah in death were 3 other sisters and 1 brother: Brother: Michael Ruddy (Co. Mayo) Sister: Agnes Ruddy Mullarkey (Hughestown) Sister: Mrs. James Newcomb (Pittston) Sister: Mrs. William Hefferon ( Hughestown) Thx. Very Impressive website.
Marty Flynn <>
Wayne, PA USA - Monday, January 20, 2003 at 18:28:21 (PST)

Greetings from from the McHugh's of Browntown that for many years had fine Mulhern neighbors . Also from the McManamon , McHale , Walsh & Hefferon's of the Pittston area . Keep up the slendid work and eventually we'll get it all sorted out ! Best', Joe McHugh , Cape Elizabeth , Maine , USA .
Joseph F. McHugh <>
Cape Elizabeth, ME United States - Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 17:12:09 (PST)

I'm from the William B. Mulherin and John Huges Mulherin side. They came from Pike co. Missiour.
Carol G. Mulherin VanBalen <>
Citrus Heights, Ca. USA - Thu Jan 9 6:34:10 2003

Greetings I accidentally stumbled on to your site today. I noticed your family connections with the Gola McGinleys through your mother's people. We are a different family of McGinleys who are in no way related strange as that may seem. We derive from Micí ‚á®  McGinley's family. In case you are interested Charley Thaidhg McGinley had 8 of a family. Paddy - ( on your site), Teague -(A priest), Jimmie -(a priest), Dan - married Biddy Boyle Maheraclogher Mary - single Fanny - married Michael McGinley Gola (Micheᬠ Dhonal Phadaí© Nora - married Paddy Gallagher Magheralosk( on your site), Nancy- married John Gallagher Knockastolar ( on your site), Charley Thaidhg had two brothers Eamonn Thaidhg, who married Nora Ferry and Micí ”haidhg who married Sarah McBride. Dan McGinley London UK
Dan McGinley <>
London , UK - Wed Jan 22 18:38:30 2003

I'm from the William B. Mulherin and John Huges Mulherin side. They came from Pike co. Missiour.
Carol G. Mulherin VanBalen <>
Citrus Heights, Ca. USA - Thu Jan 9 6:34:10 2003

Hello, a real Mary McGarvey here, hailing from Frisco, daughter of immigrants from Co. Tyrone (Dad) and Co. Mayo (Mom), resulting in a very spunky and ethnically proud Irish-American woman. Just wanted you to know that the McGarvey's are doing fine here in the West, and that I am a GERMAN-speaking tourguide here in the Bay Area, fulltime. I lived in Germany and fell in love with the language, folkmusic, dance, customs and mentality of the people, although I'm not a drop German. Most of my German tourists are highly amused at this, and my way of speaking German, they say, is very literate, yet with an English flow of thought and structure. So it amuses me, too, to see you're of both German and Irish blood, with your greatgrandmother having my name! You can read my 'online journal' about the trials and tribulations of being a tourguide here in San Francisco. Das ist nicht ein Schnitzelbank, das ist DOCH ein Hin und Her (picture a push-me, pull-you kind of business!) Mary McGarvey
Mary McGarvey <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Thu Dec 5 19:21:16 2002

Very nice site, you have done a great job!! I just found the page today and noticed that my sister, Susan Tanner, also signed it. Shame on you Sue for not telling me about it!! LOL!! As did my sister, I noticed many surnames that may be connected. Our great Aunt Dorothy Catherine Blaum was married to a Harold Francis Ney. They are both buried in Saint Nicholas Cemetery in Shavertown, Pa. I live only 4 houses up from G.A.R. High School too. I visit the local library as often as I can and if you would like, just send me names and dates and I can see what I can find for you on the microfilms of the old newspapers. Keep up the good work!!!
Ginny Malvizzi <>
Wilkes-Barre, Pa USA - Wed Aug 21 23:40:31 2002

Joe, Thanks for all the great links. I'm originally from Wilkes-Barre (my maiden name is Henry), where my sisters still reside, and we're working on our family tree. One of our neighbors when I was a kid on Grant St. in the Heights section of W-B was a Mulherin! I think some of the Klinges and Klines in your tree are related to us somehow, too, but I'm not sure how. I recognize a lot of the names in your tree, many of them from church (St. Nick's). Thanks again!
Susan Tanner <>
Pine City, NY USA - Tue Aug 20 21:42:15 2002

Like I said, WONDERFUL work on the Mulherin side, Joe! So very sorry about your sister.. One day we will all meet them again and what stories we will tell!! *In loving memory* Andrew J. Mulherin (d. 3/1995) my Dad Elizabeth M. Mulherin McKeever(d.12/20/01)my Mom Keith O. McKeever (d. 01/05/02) my Stepfather
Gertrude Mulherin <>
Dillsburg, PA USA - Mon Aug 5 14:08:53 2002

You've done a great job with your site Joe. My brother Brian had jury duty recently (NE Pa)and met a cousin of yours, Iva Han and she told him about your site. It is a small world. Looking at your site has re-kindled my flame to begin looking again. As you know my Great Grandfather Thomas Mulherin 1870 census was listed as 45 years old,w. Bridgit 46. Children John, Mary, Anne, and Ellen. 1880 census included new additions (children) Michael, Thomas (my grandfatehr) and Daniel. Looking for any info on my Grandfather and Great Grandfather. Thanks again Joe for this site. Dan
Daniel J. Mulhern <>
Stafford , VA USA - Mon Jul 22 16:06:11 2002

I am looking for information on the Mulherin family from Syracuse, N.Y. John Mulherin married Sarah Mohan possibly in the mid-to late 1880's. They had three children - Martin P., William J., and Margaret. Martin married Mary H. McGovern, and had three children, then moved to Toledo, Ohio - William R. married Phyllis Dull, and had one daughter, Rita M. had four daughters, and Robert J. had four sons. Not much more is known about the family, but would like to find their origins in Ireland. Where did the patriarch John come from? Would appreciate any further information. Thank you. Billie Mulherin, daughter of William R. Mulherin
Billie (June) Mulherin <>
Landrum, SC USA - Mon May 13 13:35:28 2002

Hello there, was very impressed with the research into my family name and it's origins! I'm of the County Mayo Mulherin's, if you need any information about my family and the Mulherin's based in Manchester drop me a line. Nice one our kid.
Liam Mulherin <>
Manchester, England - Sat May 11 3:58:40 2002

Hi ,i'm Ciaranog Arnold living in galway Ireland.My Grandfather was pactrick Arnold ,my Grandmother -Nellie Gallagher (both from co .Donegal)I would be very interested to meet any distant cousins as I know very little about that side of the family.
Ciaranog Arnold <>
galway, ireland - Thu May 9 20:43:55 2002

Great Web sites! Visited because of the Mulhern name but was surprised to see other names/families I recognized. Cheers!
Molly Ginley <>
Pond Hill, pa USA - Fri Apr 26 12:54:49 2002

Hi, Joe. Have found a cousin with Mulherin in her tree, will pass your site on to her. Maybe we'll even find that McGarvey connection one day. Nancy (JGS)
Nancy Sciurba <>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Wed Apr 24 7:53:50 2002

Dear Joe: Congratulations on your family site. My maiden name was Mulhern -my father was Daniel G Mulhern, his father was John J Mulhern-he came directly from Donegaltown with some of his family to Canada (as far as we know)..I've been searching for more Donegal Mulherns for a few years now. Hope you'll add my history to yours. Thanks for your hard work it's all very interesting..still reading.
Mary Pat Palmer-Nepon < >
Niagara Falls, Ont Canada - Tue Mar 26 14:57:42 2002

My husband's mother was Sally Mulhearn, her mother Mary Boyle. Her father was John Mulhearn. THey came from Co. Donegal,Donegal town. I think the year was 1880+or-. Haven't gotten thru your site. A friend from Canada sent this to me. Thanks to both of you.
Grace M. Keip <>
Tamaqua, PA USA - Wed Mar 20 19:55:23 2002

My father was a Mulherin.So glad someone found me again!! The last three names are due to marriages. still want to know the genes of the tree.
nancy mulherin seeley dare owens <>
ludowici, ga USA - Sat Feb 16 20:34:30 2002


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